Turkish Dried Figs


Dried figs, which are produced in large amounts in our country, come to the fore as one of the natural foods that are sent not only to the country but also to abroad. It is highly preferred due to its high fibre content and is also one-to-one for many diseases. Turkish dried figs offered to our customers with the highest quality and fresh form are among the most preferred foods for those who want to eat healthy and natural. If you want to see a variety of quality and fresh dried figs together and eat healthy dried figs, visit  our company website.

Turkish Dried Figs are Rich in Antioxidants!

Today, natural figs are among the most important nutrients for a healthy body. Turkish Dried Fig is one of the foods rich in antioxidants. With this feature, it shows effective results in the protection of eye health and also contains more antioxidants than dried figs found in vegetables. It is also possible to protect against eye disease called macular degeneration in people over 55 years old with dried figs.


Dried figs are very effective in weight loss as well as antioxidant properties. Dried figs, which are rich in fiber, provide high satiety and solve the feeling of hunger when consumed at certain intervals. Also, if dried figs are eaten regularly, you feel being full for long periods.