Turkish Dried Apricots

Apricot is one of the most healthy fruits in the world. It is a product consumed extensively in our country, especially in the Malatya region. Therefore, when collected in the summer months can be dried for consumption in winter. Turkish dried apricots are collected from Anatolia and supplied all over the world. It is a very healthy product for human health with its rich nutritional values. It contains vitamins A, B, C and P and is recommended by experts for the treatment of many diseases.
Turkish Dried Apricots in Disease Control

Dried apricots are especially helpful in the fight against febrile diseases that are struggled during childhood and adolescence. Because these kinds of problems bring many serious problems. Dried apricots help to reduce body temperature when consumed regularly. As your body temperature rises, you can see your body temperature drop slowly by consuming several Turkish dried apricots a day. In addition, apricot is one of the supportive product for stomach, liver, heart and nervous diseases. That’s why you should always include this product on your table.

Iron deficiency, which has been experienced since childhood, is an important problem. Therefore, if the level of red blood cells decreases and you want to find a natural solution to it, you can consume a higher rate of dried apricots. Experts also recommend Turkish dried apricots on iron deficiency. Doctors will be able to support you, especially during the treatment phase